Intensive Therapeutic Care

Our Intensive Therapeutic (Residential) Care (ITC) program provides children and young people with safe and supportive accommodation to recover from the complex impacts of trauma and adversity. The ITC program aims to enable young people to be stabilised and move forward into a less specialised care arrangement.

With a focus on locating family, strengthening personal connections and building relationships, the ITC program has a long history of successfully transitioning children and young people into more permanent care arrangements.

The foundation of our ITC program is therapeutic training, experience and relationships to focus on safety, wellbeing and growth needs for children and young people in our care. By supporting children and young people in this way we prevent homelessness and improve social, economic and health outcomes for our clients and their families.
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Therapeutic Supported Independent Living

Therapeutic Supported Independent Living (TSIL) is an integrated accommodation and support program that aims to prepare and support young people to make a smooth transition from out of home care (OOHC) to independent living, self-reliance and adulthood.

Therapeutic Specialists work closely with young people to assist them in building long-standing and healthy connections with the community whilst taking into consideration a holistic approach for their health and overall wellbeing. This is achieved through the provision of public and private rental accommodation, case management and support services for up to 24 months.

Therapeutic Specialists ensure that young people have the skills and knowledge to achieve their living, education and employment potential throughout adulthood.
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