North Education Model

North Education is our alternate education model that is aimed at boosting opportunities and outcomes for the young people we care for. For a number of our young people, the traditional education system is unable to meet their needs, and we are determined that they are not left behind.

Our North Academy school, located at West Wallsend (catering for years 9 and 10) and our Learning Centre, located at Charlestown are staffed with teachers and education support staff that provide tailored support for our young people who are transitioning to school, have experienced disengagement, or are faced with suspension, school exemptions or ultimately expulsion.

“The teaching staff have helped me stay calm so I can do my work now. I can read now, and I like doing my maths. I even go to TAFE as well.”

With a focus on individualised education, learning is supported and delivered based on the individual. The flexible environment positively changes the way our young people think about learning and is informed by years of experience, research, theoretical and practice literature in special education, human development, and developmental trauma.

The common goal for all young people who are part of the North Education Model is reintegration into the most appropriate education setting, vocational pathway, or connection with the community.

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“The North Education Model is amazing. I love the teachers. I love the fish and I love my work now. Everyone is kind to me.”

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