Clinical & Allied Services

Individuals and families supported by Allambi Care have access to a range of specialised services. We have developed our support services to ensure that we can provide in-house resources that deliver care across a range of environments.

A standout differentiation in the supports offered by Allambi is our comprehensive in-house clinical team that provides a range of therapeutic services to address the individually assessed needs of those in our care. The team supports people across all our programs which ensures that there are no barriers for the individuals to access this service, nor to the professionals who remain informed to make decisions and recommendations.

The Clinical and Allied Services team use a variety of interventions that allow for more personalised pathways of care from entry to exit. These include various assessments, planning, therapies and evaluation drawn from our Needs-Based Framework, each tailored to the individual’s requirements.

Psychiatric Services

Our psychiatrists are dedicated to building relationships with our clients to learn and understand their needs. This enables them to work on diagnosis, prevention, treatment, medication review and support requirements for positive therapeutic outcomes in the treatment of mental health challenges. These challenges may include various aspects of life-related to mood, behaviour, cognition and perception. Our psychiatric team specialises in the ethical and conservative medical support of mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders.

Psychological Services

Working with individuals and families, our psychologists provide therapy and intervention programs across several different modalities to help manage a wide range of issues such as; parent/child relationship conflict, difficulties managing stress, depression, anger management issues, suicidality, traumatic event processing, anxiety and child/adolescent behavioural problems.


The Allambi Care Counselling/Play Therapy service offers a range of developmentally appropriate and attachment-based therapies for children and their carers. It also offers a trauma-informed carer/parent training model that helps children with complex needs. Each therapy session and workshop aims to help the child and carer connect, teach self-regulation, create trust and have the child achieve a sense of felt safety.

Social Work

Social workers are engaged frequently to support Allambi staff in their everyday practice as well as in the process of assessing, restoring and maintaining safety for our families and young people. The dedicated team facilitates reflective practice sessions, house visits, counselling and motivation as well as group programs for parents which teach the skills to manage a variety of life challenges.

Behaviour Analysts/Applied Behaviour Analysis

The Behaviour Support team applies behavioural principles to teach socially significant behaviour including language, play, academic, motor, self-help and adaptive living skills. The strategies can be effective in reducing challenging behaviours. Applied Behaviour Analysis includes a broad range of research-based techniques that are effective with individuals of all ages and individuals with autism and other developmental disorders.

Speech Pathologists

Many of the people we work with have trouble communicating their personal needs which negatively impacts their lives. Speech pathologists provide services to address a wide variety of speech, language, vocal hygiene and swallowing differences in young people and adults. The main goal of speech pathology services is to maximize a person’s functional communication skills across all aspects of life.

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