Strategic Plan 2023-2025

It gives me great pleasure to present Allambi Care’s 2023-2025 Strategic Plan. We continue to learn from the families, children and young people, and community we support and have used this knowledge to inform the plan and focus on areas of greatest need.

We hope that this plan will guide our work with those who need our help, whilst also addressing some key challenges and objectives in our sector. This plan is built on the success of our previous plan, where 94% of objectives were completed across our focus areas. This is an amazing achievement considering the turbulent and unpredictable environment we navigated from 2019 – 2021. We have experienced many new initiatives during this time that serve to fill gaps in service delivery, and I look forward to seeing how these evolve further over the next few years.

This time around we have included focus areas that reflect priorities in our organisation and the wider sector related to the care of Aboriginal children and young people, and the importance of connecting children to their families and communities. Continuing to improve our practice in these key areas is integral to the quality of care we provide and is something that I am proud to reflect strongly in this plan.

Simon Walsh
Chief Executive Officer

Our Commitment Areas

An organisation that provides high quality service improving outcomes for clients, and the community.

An organisational culture that generates trust and enthusiasm at all levels, working together in an inclusionary and focused way.

An organisation that champions acknowledgement – recognising first nations culture, history and diversity, and deep connections to, and custodianship of the land.

An organisation that seeks and nurtures connection at all levels through effective partnerships and collaboration.

An organisation that fosters innovation and sustainability by being courageous and resourceful.

Download: Strategic Plan 2023 - 2025

"The needs of those we care for remains at the forefront of service delivery and is our priority every day."