Allambi Care are committed to improving reunification of family for the children and young people Allambi Care cares for, reconnecting children back with their family, extended family, and community. By becoming an active participant with Reconciliation Australia and developing our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Allambi Care are showing our commitment to supporting families and bringing them to the table for family inclusive practice and promoting self-determination, enabling lifelong connections for disconnected young people and families.

Allambi Care have developed our second RAP to demonstrate our continual commitment to enhance and strengthen the importance of family, culture and community. Community, Youth, and Families play an integral part in ensuring we are delivering the supports and achieving the goals outlined in our RAP. Allambi Care is positioned throughout NSW providing supports on the Central Coast, Hunter, and Northern NSW, and Gippsland, Bayside Peninsula and southern Melbourne in Victoria.

2020-2021 Reflect
: Reconciliation Action Plan

2023-2025 Innovate:
Reconciliation Action Plan

Our RAP will assist to raise a realisation of reconciliation which is needed in the sector, for the challenges our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face both from the past and present. Through this journey, Allambi Care will explore ways that can innovate change, create belonging, inspire hope for the future and strengthen connections with families and community through service and delivery.