Family Preservation programs

Allambi provides support to families during some of life’s biggest challenges through our Family Preservation programs. These programs focus on developing meaningful relationships with parents, carers and extended family in order to provide a safe and loving platform for children and young people to thrive. Our Family Preservation program allows families to voluntarily engage in a community-based early intervention program to improve family functioning. The Family Preservation team works alongside families to strengthen support networks, teach new skills and provide more resources to prevent escalations of concerns for children. Our committed teams aim to build resilience in children and young people to equip them for a successful future.

Our Family Preservation program is an Allambi initiative that provides intensive, tailored support to families and young people in order to allow the family to remain together. We recognise that families come in a variety of forms and the Family Preservation team builds on natural supports and links services to the family through a flexible model delivered in the home. Families are connected to local resources and support to plan for a safe and secure future together.

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