From our beginnings as a crisis youth refuge in 1981, to where we are today, our mission has remained clear – to empower those within our community to reach their full potential and to support them towards a positive future.

Our remarkable teams are committed to supporting our community’s most vulnerable people through tailored services and programs. These have been created based on the needs of the people we care for through our needs-based model of care.


Belonging, hope and positive futures.

Our Mission

Allambi Care serves individuals, families, communities and government agencies. We are committed to addressing safety and growth needs so that we empower people to reach their full potential. Our services are flexible and characterised by innovation and best practice.


• We believe in individual experiences and strengths
• We believe in leadership, support and empowerment
• We believe in innovation and creative practice
• We believe in passion, persistence and a commitment to others
• We believe in honest, genuine and transparent relationships
• We believe in equality and embracing differences
• We believe in “Being With” people through life’s challenges

What makes us different?

We don’t give up on anyone, we will always step up to support those who need it most. We see potential in everyone and wrap comprehensive support, services and community around them in order to inspire hope and achieve great things.