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“They know being a Foster Carer isn’t a 9–5 role. That’s why they’re available 24/7." Kelli & Katrina, Foster Carers since 2008

Foster Carers Kelli and Katrina joined the Allambi Care family in 2008

Foster Carers Urgently Needed

There are many children and young people who through no fault of their own, cannot live with their own parents or families.

Allambi Care are looking for Foster Cares from all walks of life, from families, retirees, same-sex couples to singles of either gender.

As long as they can provide a supportive and safe environment for a child from just one or two nights, a few weeks, to months or even years.

Right now there is an urgent need for Foster Carers in Newcastle, the Hunter, Lake Macquarie and the Central Coast.

Who can be a carer?

Over the years we have found that many different types of people make great Foster Carers.

We have Foster Carers from all lifestyle and cultural backgrounds. All we require is that they are people who are dedicated, resilient, open-minded and have a good sense of humour.

We are also looking for carers with a variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds in order to meet the wide range of needs of the children requiring care.

Types of Foster Caring

We have a number of different types of care, all of which are in urgent need. We are seeking people for:

  • Crisis care
  • Respite care
  • Short or long term foster care

More Rewarding Than You Can Imagine

Being a Foster Carer can be challenging, however we’re told time and time again of the amazing rewards our carers experience when fostering a child in need of their guidance and support.

Our carers have an immense impact on the lives of their foster children by providing them with a stable home environment and dependable supportive guidance.

Financial Support

Nothing can entirely compensate the amount of time and effort that goes into fostering a child, however financial assistance is provided to support you in the expenses of caring for a single child or children.

Local Support

We understand what challenges our carers’ work with, and being locals ourselves, we have boots on the ground. As a Foster Care our on-call support team will be available to you 24/7.

Training and Facilities

Allambi Care provide thorough training to prepare our Foster Carers for the caring challenges that lay ahead. In addition to this, we also offer ongoing training and support in the forms of voluntary training sessions and talks.

Our local facilities are impressive, and allow us a great freedom to host events, training and regular programs.

Join Our Allambi Care Family

When you become one a Foster Carer it means you will not be alone, you become part of our Allambi Care family.

Being part of the family means you’ll be able to regularly interact with staff and be supported at any regular appointments such as school visits. Allambi Care also hosts social functions and events that help encourage support and connection and interaction with your fellow carers and the Allambi Care staff.


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