Learning Without Walls

Learning Without Walls is Allambi Care’s initiative and commitment to increasing the educational opportunities and outcomes for Children and Young People in Out of Home Care.

Children with complex and challenging behaviour are frequently isolated, disengaged and are without a suitable educational placement that can cater to their needs. Learning Without Walls was born to bridge this gap.

Childhood trauma has a direct and overwhelming impact on learning. Learning Without Walls gives teachers a structured plan for teaching and guiding individuals through each day. Our model recognises the impacts of trauma and provides teachers with research-informed strategies to decrease the effects by developing new neural pathways.

Learning Without Walls works together with Dr Howard Bath’s Needs Based Restorative Framework. This provides educators with an evidence-based approach for working with young people with trauma backgrounds.

We view crisis as an opportunity for growth. Cornell University’s Therapeutic Crisis Intervention is embedded within the Learning Without Walls model, as the crisis management system.

Our model is flexible and can be tailored to any organisation, school or education setting.

The Foundations of Learning Without Walls

The Learning Without Walls model works together with the Needs Based Restorative Framework and is grounded in optimal human development research. The individual's needs are at the centre of the framework, symbolised by the apex. They are assessed based on four universal needs, including belonging, mastery, independence and generosity.

The framework recognises trauma-related needs, including the need for felt safety, healthy connections, adaptive coping and individually assessed needs. Learning Without Walls believes when the circle is not broken, and needs are met, we see positive outcomes. This leads to empowered young people reaching their full potential.

Learning Without Walls implements Allambi Care’s Needs-Based Restorative Framework to create an educational platform that incorporates the following five daily foundations:

Circle Time: Building fundamental healthy connections so that healing may occur, and learning can begin.

Move: Physical exercise is proven to stimulate neurogenesis, enhancing children’s cognitive function, concentration and on-task behaviour.

Brain Breather: Mindful awareness practice changes how our body and brain responds to stress, preparing children’s nervous systems to learn.

Brain Boost: Mental exercise helps the brain’s ability to adapt and reshape through the power of neuroplasticity, improving the speed of thought, decision-making abilities and comprehension of events.

Replay: Strategies that develop social and emotional skills in children allowing them to better cope with stressful situations, providing a better education experience.

“We want our kids to feel safe, feel connected and feel that they can cope”

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