What is Youth and Disability Support?

A Youth Worker/Disability Support Worker is responsible for developing, assisting and supporting clients in various locations such as houses, schools, hospitals, community centres and emergency accommodation on a daily basis. You will be working with a variety of different clients, of all age groups who will have complex medical and behavioural needs.

Youth Workers/Disability Support Workers work within Allambi Care's strength-based, non-punitive, therapeutic model of care to provide safety to our clients while identifying and meeting growth needs. They provide 24 hour round-the-clock care, meaning the ability to work overnights, weekends and holiday periods is a must for this position.

What is the team like?

People at Allambi Care view the team as more like a family, people tend to stay, because they enjoy the work, and the people they work with. Like any family the team is made up of people with different points view the only similarity is their shared passion about what they do and their desire to make a real difference.

The Youth Support team is collaborative, sharing knowledge and experience to help manage better client outcomes and workplace experiences.
A typical day as a Youth and Disability Support Worker - Cody's story

As a Youth and Disability Support Worker, how will you support me?

We start with a 5 day paid induction. These sessions provide valuable insight into what life is like as a Youth and Disability Support worker. We provide Therapeutic Crisis Intervention training during this time, ensuring you start with the foundations to make the best possible decision when you’re on shift.

Our teams are structured to ensure you always have access to support, what ever time of the day or night. Sometimes a debrief over the phone is all that’s needed to keep you learning and motivated.

We believe strongly in connection and forming genuine bonds with the young people in our care. Our rostering team work hard to provide consistency in shifts so you have the best opportunity to make a genuine impact in a young persons’ life.
Scott Wright, a story of impact
Meet Kate - former Teacher, and now Youth Worker at Allambi Care

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