The Role

A Youth Worker/Disability Support Worker is responsible for developing, assisting and supporting clients in various locations such as houses, schools, hospitals, community centres and emergency accommodation on a daily basis.
You will be working with a variety of different clients, of all age groups who will have complex medical and behavioural needs.

Youth Workers/Disability Support Workers work within Allambi Care's strength-based, non-punitive, therapeutic model of care to provide safety to our clients while identifying and meeting growth needs. They provide 24 hour round-the-clock care, meaning the ability to work overnights, weekends and holiday periods is a must for this position.

Key Requirements

  • High level of assessment skills together with information gathering, problem solving, and evaluation skills
  • Ability to manage challenging situations while applying policy, procedure and legislation to deliver services to children and people with high and complex needs
  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • A current Working with Children’s Check Clearance (Must be a paid check - not volunteer)
  • A current driver’s licence
  • National Police Check (issued within the last 6 months) If you dont have a national police check issued in the last 6 months you can apply for one online via the link in the online job application form
  • Comprehensively insured motor vehicle that can transport a minimum of 4 people
  • Mobile phone with an active voicemail
  • Functioning email address

Day to Day

  • Provide support to clients in developing and implementing plans for achieving personal goals and meeting needs
  • Coordinate and participate set/planned activities including; sports, arts and camps in consultation with management
  • Report writing and record keeping, including; day notes, incident reports and planner entries
  • Coordinate set/planned programs such as; education, self-development, accommodation and welfare in consultation with management
  • Ensure any concerns for clients and colleagues safety is communicated to management in a timely manner
  • Manage conflict situations using therapeutic and non-punitive strategies
  • Liaise with government departments, local authorities, health professionals, parents and other organisations
  • Communicate with management, providing feedback on client development
  • Provide input and attend team meetings regarding case plans, case conferences and intervention programs
  • Ensure all procedures are being followed effectively and appropriately

Technical Details

  • Demonstrated interpersonal, negotiation, advocacy and oral/written communication skills
  • Proficiency in using computer based programs for report writing (Microsoft Word and Outlook)

More Details

  • Qualification in youth work or related disciplines is preferable
  • Willingness to undertake further training at all levels
  • Experience in working with children and people in out-of-home care is desirable

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties in submitting your application via the online application process, please email your resume and essential documents to