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Lifemaps Program

The Allambi Care Lifemaps program is a holistic wrap around model of care. It provides a flexible service delivery aimed at supporting the participant to live as independently as possible. At its centre is the participant, their strengths, needs, goals and aspirations. From this information relevant supports are implemented from many disciplines such as, but not limited to, Psychology, Psychiatry, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, experienced and trained direct care and management staff, and other professionals. Each participant’s individual circumstances and cognitive abilities are catered for and strategies are implemented providing a dignity of risk ideal. This allows the participant to grow and develop within a quality framework which also provides safety and security.

The program provides a therapeutic model of care which enables participants to develop new strategies to manage challenges which may have been previously managed by maladaptive processes. Thus, empowering them ultimately to be able to have more control and exercise more choice in their day to day lives. The flexibility also allows for support levels to be determined on an as required basis and thus can range from intensive support services at times of acute need and/or crisis right through to less intensive drop in support models.

Throughout each model of support lies Allambi Care's strength based philosophy. The programs aim to understand the challenges that the participants may be facing and respond to needs rather than reacting to problems. The basis for this philosophy is centred in the Circle of Courage model which is based on four universal growth needs of all individuals; belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity.

The quality framework of the program is underpinned by the clinical support and direction provided by the Allambi Care clinical team and other health professionals when required. Extensive assessment and data collection programs such as the Functional Behaviour Assessment process provide the information required for sound clinical decision making and development of strategies. This is then discussed and implemented by well trained and professional management and direct care staff. This is a cyclic process which continues through a development, implementation, self-assessment and review cycle which ensures the program is dynamic and evolving. Thus ensuring, that at all times, the participants support needs are accurately met.

Support Services

Allambi Care has an extensive network of supports services from both internal and external providers. These services are available to Participants under both the NDIS and ADHC programs as well as self-funded and other funding programs such as those offered from the Life Time Care and Support Authority.

Our support services provided include

  • Accommodation/Tenancy Scheme
  • Residential support
  • Drop in support
  • Transition from out of home care
  • Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages transition and support. This includes Complex and Specialist Coordination of Services
  • Behaviour support
  • Development of daily living and life skills
  • Household tasks
  • Specialised assessment of skills, abilities and need
  • Assistance with daily personal activities
  • Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement
  • Assistive technology specialist assessment, set up and training
  • Participation in the community, social and civic duties
  • Assistance to access and maintain employment
  • Management of funding for supports under a participant's plan
  • Psychological Services
  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy

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