Our Story

Allambi House was opened in January 1981 as a crisis youth refuge, providing short-term crisis accommodation for up to 8 young people at a time, who for any number of reasons, required support and accommodation. While in our care, these young people were provided with additional support both internally by fully trained staff and externally from our network of professional services.

In 1987, Allambi House received funding for an Adolescent Family Counsellor. The aim of the role was to attempt to reconcile families and to restore young people to their homes. This aim evolved into focusing more on early intervention work within the family and community. This involved (and still involves) working with local community services, schools, doctors and adolescents to support and prevent family breakdown.

The vision was to develop a holistic service within our organisation to enable young people to build ongoing relationships with workers and to allow them to transition through a number of different residential services which would equip them for independence in later life.

In 2001 our Youth & Family Support Program commenced. This program provided support to a wide range of children and young people. The Y&FS Program incorporated a Disabilities program, a Foster Care program, and additional support structures to others who were living at home but required intervention support to allow them to continue living in their current placement.

Our 24 hour Residential Support Program for young people in crisis commenced later in 2001. The Intensive Residential Programs provided support and accommodation to young people in significant crisis, who required a measurably higher level of specialised care than that which could be provided in a typical ‘refuge’ style placement.

In 2002 Allambi began to offer Supervised Contact between young people and their natural parents, addressing the requirements of the Department of Community Services. Supervised Contact still plays an important part in the holistic approach Allambi has towards connecting children and young people with their family heritage. We provide a safe environment for newborn babies through to adolescents and adults to interact with their natural families under the supervision of our fully trained dedicated staff.

From the development of the Intensive Residential Program, staff at Allambi recognised the need to cater for transitioning our young people from the Intensive Residential Program into a more family orientated program. Allambi gained support to become an accredited Foster Care Agency.

In 2003 our Foster Care Agreement was signed off, allowing us to recruit Foster Carers and to place young people within Foster Care. By expanding into Foster Care, Allambi utilized the experience, dedication and commitment already established by our team to provide temporary and long-term placements for children and young people who were emotionally capable and would benefit positively from residing in a family setting. On-call support ensures that carers and Allambi work together in a partnership to develop the strength and stability of these placements.

In 2005 Allambi was granted Recurrent Funding to continue our work in Residential Care, Independent Living Support and Foster Care. In 2005 Allambi was accepted and accredited as an official Disabilities Services Provider. Allambi Disabilities Program began to provide a flexible service that enables young people and young adults with a disability to live within the wider community.